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CEO & co-founder, Fasmatech Science & Technology SA

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Professional experience

Dr. Emmanuel Raptakis is CEOand co-founder of Fasmatech Science and Technology SA, a high technology hardware company based in Athens, Greece. Dr. Raptakis holds a BSc from the Department of Physics, University of Crete. During his undergraduate studies he carried out research at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH). This was followed by doctoral studies completed at the University of Warwick in in the UK. During his PhD Dr. Raptakis worked under the supervision of Prof. Peter Derrick and he built several prototype mass spectrometers.

Dr. Raptakis’ extensive industrial experience involved the design, construction and management of mass spectrometry products in a multinational mass spectrometry company (Kratos Analytical Ltd., Manchester, UK, a Shimadzu Group Company). Dr Raptakis was instrumental in the design of several mass spectrometer products with large sales in the global research market.

After completing an MBA at Manchester Business School (Executive Programme), Dr. Raptakis was appointed Product/Business Manager at Kratos Analytical MALDI mass spectrometry division. From this position, Dr Raptakis had the general supervision of all MALDI Mass Spectrometry products of Kratos Analytical, sold under the global brand AXIMA. The primary responsibility was the management of the Marketing Department, the Sales/Distribution Relations, Customer support/Service team and Business Development. Additionally, in collaboration with the respective department managers, there was horizontal responsibility in Research and Development, Production and Quality Departments.

Under the leadership of Dr. Raptakis and the rest of the Senior Management team Kratos Analytical implemented a strategy to improve the quality and profitability of the products, leading to a dramatic reduction in the cost of quality. Dr Raptakis initiated collaboration with Anagnostec, Potsdam, Germany, to develop and sell a complete platform for identification of microorganisms with MALDI mass spectrometry. This major business development project was successfully concluded when the partners signed agreements with bioMerieux, a global market leader in microbial ID and clinical diagnostics to develop the VITEK MS product and market it globally. The new strategic positioning of Kratos required a major change program to prepare the company for ISO13485 quality system certification.This successful new venture quadrupled the revenue of the division within 3 years.

Since 2010 Dr. Raptakis returned to Greece and co-founded Fasmatech, with a focus on the application of mass spectrometry in the life sciences, environmental analysis and molecular diagnostics markets (e.g. biomarker analysis). During the first few years of operations Fasmatech run a consultancy business model, in order to build the specialised competences of the technical team and an initial IP portfolio. Since 2014 Fasmatech’s leadership team is addressing the R&D market with unique, high value custom engineered mass spectrometers, while developing highly innovative products for the global market based on Fasmatech’s technology.

Dr. Raptakis holds several international patents and patent applications.


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