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Trustporter is a trust-centered shipping and transportation service. It matches requests to transport goods or people, with people that travel along the requested routes anyway. It combines three novelties: – it overlays trust relationships on existing social networks and capitalizes on their extensive reach to find potential carriers – it transforms everyday commutes into value-creating itineraries – it self-organizes people with similar locations into ‘hubs’, so they can help each other.



It is addressing long lasting shipping and transportation challenges that have been accepted by people and companies as given and granted. Current providers offer services that: – are expensive – have no capability to ship “non-ordinary” every-day items – are inconvenient due to wide pickup/delivery windows and limited business hours – impose rigid shipping standards for packaging, labeling, etc. – assume the same level of trust for all cases – cause negative impact to the environment.


Trustporter’s SOLUTION:

Trustporter is a 24×7 service matching transportation requests with people the users trust and happen to travel along the requested routes. It embeds trust in social networks by allowing users define their trusted circle (by selecting contacts from social networks) and by helping them extend it (by proposing other people, e.g. colleagues). Based on route and trust-level, it proposes the best candidates, contacts them upon user approval, and manages communications up to a successful delivery.



Andreas Prodromidis, Team Leader

E-mail: [email protected]




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