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10Muse, through its simple and elegant user interface, makes home control easy and fun for the whole family. It combines the control of all entertainment aspects of a home (Movies, Music, Internet Radio) with complete control of all home appliances (Lights, Drapes, AV equipment) from within a single touch controller-app. By using only open communication protocols it can always integrate the best hardware devices the market has to offer.


Current home automation solutions are fragmented in video jukeboxes (Kaleidescape), music jukeboxes (Sonos) and specialized home control solutions (Crestron, Control4). They are all proprietary solutions, bound to specific, own developed hardware. As a result, the end user needs to switch between different applications for the various activities, each with its own varied user interface. In addition, the different user interfaces are rather basic, without being family and guest friendly.

10Muse’s SOLUTION: 

10Muse makes whole-house control easy and fun for all family members by offering a simple and elegant user interface that is unified for all activities, from lights scene initiation to a comfortable movie selection and playback initiation. This allows for combined scripts eg. playback initiation of a movie also adjusts lights to the defined color and brightness, switches on the TV and the AV receiver to the correct input and stops music playback, all with a single button tap.

Contact details:

Pafsanias Antonoulas, Founder
Email: pantonoulas@eteme.gr
Dimitris N. Antonopoulos, Founder,
Email: d.antonopoulos@eteme.gr


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