2019 | Semifinalists

MITEF Greece 2019 Startup Competition



Map of Care
Map of Care is a tool-enabled platform that helps users evaluate the quality of senior care facilities in the US. It provides a service equivalent to ‘tripadvisor’ in the senior living sector with reviews and rankings, while it is a focused marketing channel for the senior care industry.
PD Neurotechnology
PD Neurotechnology Ltd. is developing Wearable Medical Devices for Continuous Monitoring of Movement Disorders. Its first solution is PDMonitor, a sophisticated expert system for patients with Parkinson’s Disease.
Growth Mindest
An 8-month gamified program for kids based on the entrepreneurial way of thinking, enhancing soft skills.
Vendora is a free online classifieds marketplace where anyone can buy and sell anything secondhand. With more than half a million monthly visits and almost 60.000 products for sale right now it’s well on its way to build a thriving community and cause a positive impact on the environment by promoting reusability and the local economy by enabling transactions between local residents.
Meton Innovatence
Enorasys (Enhanced Orasis System) is the world’s first portable, wireless and affordable camera for night and adverse weather flying conditions designed for general aviation using your mobile phone or tablet.
Twiddle develops AI powered film scoring services both for the B2C sector via a mobile app, and for the B2B industry through Saas opening monetization channels beneficial for all sides.
Solmeyea offers Feed Compounds helping Humanity solve the upcoming shortage of Feed due to overpopulation & arable land scarcity by combining our top-notch technologies that produce Crude Protein by utilizing the ambient air.

SIMPLeFY is a self-service web development platform that helps retailers, entrepreneurs, merchants and anyone who wishes to create their own e-shop.
AidPlex is a HealthTech startup aiming at disrupting the orthopedics sector by offering patient-centered products and revolutionizing the monitoring of patients.
VERTLINER provides a disruptive solution consisting of a robotic system for a safe, accurate, and fast elevator shaft assessment process by utilizing AI methods for the benefit of elevator’s industry affiliates and the society.
Nanometrisis develops innovative math tools and software solutions to help manufacturers know and characterize the nanomorphology of their products better and more effectively. This is achieved through the targeted and smart analysis of microscope images.
BeeNova is an AI infused narrative platform that provides kids with life-long learning skills to reach their full potential, leveraging phenomenon-based learning and the latest machine learning technology for NLP and content recommendations.
iCry2Talk is an app that translates in real time the baby’s cry associating it with its needs (eg. hunger, pain) leveraging artificial intelligence technologies. Parents can now understand better their babies and provide prompt and proper care for their needs!


Bunkering at Sea
The first integrated and independent web-based platform to provide optimal network solutions for Bunkering. An innovative platform that connects buyers with sellers, supports markets’ rules and regulations and reduces risk and cost. Bunkering at Sea optimizes bunkering operations, offering value to both ends of the Market.
ASTY Project has developed a reliable, user friendly and customizable small Electric Vehicle (quadricycle L7Be EU vehicle category) that could be used as City Car or for e-mobility/car rental.
Parity Platform
Parity is a fintech start-up that develops digital solutions to make Greentech investing accessible to everyone. It has developed a digital platform that connects retail investors, family offices and small funds with vetted Renewable Energy Projects.
GX Blocks Energy
GX Blocks Energy is a platform structured with only one purpose: to create the first open, renewable energy fund, which will provide a passive income to the investors with earnings from clean energy plants, dividend profits from the cryptocurrency mining farms and other blockchain energy projects, allowing users to earn competitive fixed returns while reducing carbon emissions.
Inteligg P.C. is a start-up company which aims to deliver intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Communities. It develops products, provides services and engages in research in the fields of energy, transport, environment and rural applications.
O live” project is based upon the concept of circular economy by the full utilization of olive mill/harvest wastes through extracting polyphenols and biomass pellet fuel production
Enginenergy’s vision is to make in a few years from now the exestit means of transportation more efficient and environmental friendly, without required a lot of modifications, for that they are already in operation, and high costs.


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