2020 | Semifinalists

MITEF Greece 2020 Startup Competition



PiDust is a quantum computing startup that focuses on delivering high-end software solutions for quantum computers. A cloud based computational chemistry platform will help speed up the process of creating new drugs, reducing the excessive amount of lab work required to identify potentially useful substances. PiDust has the ability to simulate much more complex molecules competitive quantum startups due to new sophisticated proprietary algorithms.



Narratologies, weaving threads between worlds
Narratologies is an IoT platform, offering gamified experiences of self-guided cultural discovery for city travelers, using creative technologies. The city is transformed into a living museum, connecting its cultural content with its local commercial and entertainment channels. By providing authoring tools for creative content creation, we collaborate with local content providers to offer a genuine and fun experience for the visitors while reinforcing local economies.



ResQ Biotech
We have developed a technology enabling the production of enormous combinatorial libraries of small, drug-like cyclic peptides (hundreds of millions) and their ultrahigh-throughput screening for the identification of putative drugs that prevent pathogenic protein misfolding. We have already screened and are in the process of preclinically developing hit molecules for Alzheimer’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The top performing lead molecules will be licensed to Pharma.



Beenotes™ is a voice-guided Smart-Phone application integrated to a Web-based Data Analytics and Decision Support Platform for beekeepers. It is the only platform that combines automatic data recording on-site with a decision support system which can help the beekeeper become more effective and efficient by (i) optimizing colony’s internal defence mechanism to morbidity causes. (ii) implementing the appropriate productivity enhancement techniques including genetic
improvement of queen bees.



41% of patients that present bacteremia in Intensive care and 51% of septic shock patients will die in the course of 4 days after diagnosis if not properly treated. Although treatment is possible, current diagnostic methodologies can take from a few hours up to 4 days to deliver results. bialoom will address this need by providing an intelligent disposable diagnostic solution that detects and monitors sepsis 240 times faster (15minutes) than traditional blood cultures at low cost (12 Euro)



LESS Engines
We build and license designs for Air Compressors, Pumps, and Internal Combustion engines, that use our innovative patented motion conversion (reciprocating to circular and vice versa) design. Our innovation allows us to build ICEs which are twice as powerful as the existing ones for any given size, and Pumps/Compressors which are vastly smaller and cheaper than the competition for the same power output.



Sense-Hub.io, Sensors Empowering Life 
Global waste generation is expected to grow 70% by 2050, leading to polluted cities & increasing budgets. With SenseHub’s smart waste collection solution, municipalities can reduce costs (up to 60%) and CO2 emissions, keeping cities clean. We have developed our solution listening to customers’ needs and offer a 360 services approach, to fully leverage solutions potentiality. Having the primates in Greece, we target the ≈720 Million$ Municipalities opportunity, and then expanding to Europe.



We write and sell access to algorithms designed to combat misinformation, and we are building the safest system for people to share news articles with their friends.



The main purpose of project ‘probe’ is to design and develop an aerial spherical semi-autonomous robotic platform, capable of undertaking high quality data acquisition activities, critical for decision-making operations, in demanding, hazardous or extreme environments.



Selling a property in Greece requires 10 to 23 documents and an average of 7 months leaving Greeks frustrated and demotivated. HOMI is a digital real estate company that guides you through the entire sales process from the initial valuation to the final contract with notary. Stop wasting time and money guessing the value of your property, arranging viewings and collecting documents. We do this for you via a free property valuation, direct online bookings, and an online documentation service.



Aurora Plasma Tools
In Aurora PT we are experts in the design of vacuum and atmospheric pressure plasma for applications on demand. We can control the topography at the micro-nano scale giving the treated sample different properties. Towards this goal, we have patented a large area atmospheric plasma system for etching/modification of polymeric surfaces and have characterized our system by various methods. Some of our technology applications are paint removal, sealant removal, welding preparation of metals etc.



We orchestrate mobility activity through a platform that facilitates the provision of mobility services and information. We enable cities on the one hand to take control of the mobility information and facilitate more business – city interactions and on the other hand businesses to access new cities more cost efficiently and have access to information and services that allow them to contextualize their services.



Marine Innovation
With right idea for people and nature, Marine Innovation seeks out alternatives to plastics and wood to benefit the planet. We have one single goal and that single goal is the answer to go green. It’s seaweed. We have developed seaweed-based single-use products. They are eco-friendly, 100% plastic free and harmless. By using seaweed-based products, people can contribute to saving our environment. Marine Innovation begins and will give real impact to protect the nature.



Alumni Reach
Alumni Reach is an online platform that helps companies and organizations engage their former employees in their efforts to enhance their revenue drivers and reduce part of their operating cost that is associated with HR, Marketing and Business Development activities. Our Mission is to provide a powerful set of tools to create strong, and dynamic corporate alumni networks, where the interaction between the companies and their former employees is easy, effective, engaging and mutually beneficial.



We created a platform which gets in touch the creators with their fans. Fans can ask creators for advice (trough a video session) via our application paying for this kind of services. In this way we offer to people who are famous (at social media) an alternative solution to make money.



Our urban VISION is to have 55 hour weekend events in the best city hotels . The MISSION is triple: 1. give value to couples by organizing romantic leisure weekends; 2. create better matches for singles with a full weekend city hotel party 3. keep families with kids united, in big cities with multiple social challenges. Our SECRET SAUCE is group allotment contracts with city hotels and have a social digital authentication / application of customers. With an approval from the host.



Many small businesses keep historical data for their procedures but are unable to utilize their power. MLEX is a machine learning platform that enables small businesses to leverage their data. It automates manual tasks like stock optimization, demand prediction, fraud detection, insurance claims handling etc. It accomplishes end-to-end development for regression, classification and image recognition through a simple web interface. Diminishes the need to hire data scientists or programmers.



We present an AI enabled solution that combines microscopic and macroscopic personalized information with innovative machine-learning algorithms and harnesses the huge amount of the scientific knowledge existing in the web towards the amelioration and improvement of the quality of lives of people with depression. Our vision is to use the latest technologies available in the field of artificial intelligence and data science, so everyone has access to and benefit from
precise malady management.



Finloup optimizes the credit origination process for lenders and borrowers. We use our comparison platform to ease the cumbersome, obscure consumer experience and digitize the process. We securely leverage users’ banking data via our hybrid-stochastic algorithms for credit scoring, to provide faster and cheaper loan contracts for both parties, always with consumer experience at the centre. Strategic product demos are set for early 2020 in partnership with financial industry



PTA REHAB Ecorthotics
PTA REHAB ecorthotics designs and creates 3D Printed personalized orthopedic splints, using biodegradable plastics (PLA and Carbon Filament) as a raw material. It is addressed to clients in general, to physicians with a rehabilitation specialty and to large structures of health-organisms. PTA Ecorthotics project aims to: Quicker rehabilitation, the Ecofriendly raw material, the speed of insertion of the necessary patient’s somatometric at eshop’s form and the stylish design.



Twotimesren, trading as TripGenie
No single platform exists to allow building a custom trip in a structured & collaborative way. We asked online travel
communities what tools they use to plan their trips. From the responses it’s clear that they’ve been using excel, word or even the traditional pen & paper due to lack of better alternatives. Clearly planning for a long trip is time-consuming, travellers often get lost trying to gather all information required to plan a trip and there is no platform to connect with each other.



CYRUS offers a noise free hydrogen compression system based on metal hydrides using only water as the cooling / heating medium achieving hydrogen pressures > 500 bar. CYRUS PC has developed and manufactured a prototype Metal Hydride Compressor with unique advantages: – ZERO NOISE LEVELS; Provides the ability to install HRS in residential areas – LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT; No use of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). – LOW O&M COSTS; use of low – grade thermal energy.



Meteorologica PC
Wind farms require access to high resolution, high accuracy Meteorological Forecasting, that enables precise prediction of energy production and in turn drive energy trading and maximize their return on assets. We offer fully customized wind and energy forecasts combining the best CFD model, with the best parametrization and enhnancing the results furrther through Deep Learning. Our results have been validated by the best producers in Greece.



Inteligg P.C.
Inteligg develops products, provides services and engages in research in the fields of energy, transport, environment and rural applications. The founding members consist of mechanical, electrical, aerospace and computer engineers with extensive experience in national and international research and system development projects, focusing on social innovation, sustainable mobility and economy, environmental impact assessment, energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as ICT solutions.



Optecharge is here to enhance the profitability of EV charging stations and electric transportation companies. At the moment, electric transportation has a competitive disadvantage due to costly infrastructure. Our solution reduces capital expenditure by allowing for multiple EVs per charger through an AI-driven scheduling system that requires no manual intervention.



AEI Labs
theSARCproject is developing an innovative, cutting-edge rotary compressor that aims to push engine power, efficiency and reliability to new heights. This rotary compressor technology features lower size, weight, cost and environmental footprint compared to conventional compressors. This novel technology will be an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications; from small lightweight mobile to large heavy-duty applications for pumping, gas storage and transport as well as for green vehicles.



EG has as its main objective to leverage a novel microelectronics technology, in order to take advantage of the numerous shifts of the climatological conditions, to generate unlimited and sustainable green energy with zero CO2 footprint. The necessities for such a solution are vast and starting from the energy needs of households. The multiplier effect in local communities will allow a more decentralized distribution of green energy and it will create a new market segment for the green economy.



Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd
Syndeseas is an integrated software for ships fuel consumption & GHG emissions monitoring, reporting and verification, serving all regulatory requirements and all involved parties needs at the same time, making compliance easy and unlocking the benefits of digitalization, for all. Designed to facilitate and enhance the shipping sector’s contribution towards tackling climate change, it can serve the needs of ship owners/managers, independent verifiers, flag administrations & regulatory bodies.



BunkerPlanner is a state-of-the-art bunker procurement optimization tool. It enables vessel operators and bunker buyers to optimize their fuel purchasing strategy on a vessel-by-vessel basis, reducing fuel bills by tens-of-thousands of dollars per voyage. BunkerPlanner generates a detailed recommendation on how much bunker to buy and where to buy it. By leveraging proprietary simulation and optimization algorithms, combined with the latest data, BunkerPlanner empowers bunker procurement experts.


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