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3asyR is a Google Chrome plug- in that helps dyslexics and other people with learning difficulties to have an easier and better online reading experience. With one click you can see the paragraph underlined the font size increased and by moving the mouse to the right you can highlight the text word by word. It works as a highlighter on your book. Also you can enable the Open-Dyslexic Font ην change the text’s font.


There are more than 700 million dyslexics on the planet and many more with other kinds of learning disabilities, some of which have not yet been perfectly identified. Being a dyslexic myself, I always struggled with reading, which discouraged me from reading for many hours any books in and outside school, mainly due to the fact that I needed to put double the effort. Nowadays with technology being part of everyday life, all these people face the same difficulties with online texts.


For the team leader, it had always been aspiration to be able to carry over to online reading the tools that helped her read on paper, such as using a marker to highlight, underline and take notes. This is how the idea of creating 3asyR came up, in an attempt to give people with similar struggles the opportunity to customise their online reading experience and make it much simpler and easier – spending less time and effort and simultaneously having a better understanding of what they read or learn.

Contact details

Maria Tsiana,  Founder & CEO

Email: mariatsiana@gmail.com 

Vasiliki Chrysovitsioti,  Co-Founder & Creative director

Email: vaso@propaganda.com.gr

Website: http://www.3asyr.com/

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