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Recognizing the efforts and dreams of millions of athletes and sports professionals worldwide, who are starving for visibility and a way through which they can showcase their talent to a broad audience, we created the 1st one stop shop for the entire sports ecosystem. offers the tool to every athlete and sports professional to introduce themselves to a fast growing global audience, having the chance to connect, be evaluated and promote their profile worldwide.

THE PROBLEMThe traditional way of talent evaluation and recruiting is currently taking place via recommendations, travelling, game scouting, connections with the proper people. This process inevitably leaves millions of talents unexplored, due to the lack of mediums of promotion, especially for young athletes. Statistically only 3-5% of the people that are talented enough to play sports professionally are eventually scouted or recruited by experts.’s SOLUTIONAthletes and sports professionals can create their digital profiles, capture their entire career and demonstrate their unique skills to a very big global audience of sports related people only. Also through a unique rating system, can help athletes stand out from the crowd. Every user depending on his type, can describe himself through an holistic and dynamic profile. Someone can capture achievements, records, national appearances, ambition, statistics, highlights, body info, etc.

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Konstantinos Synodinos, CEO &Founder


Michail Moschos, COO



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