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1st runner up of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016

InSyBio is a bioinformatics pioneer company in personalized healthcare which focuses on the analysis of complex life-science and biological data. InSyBio Suite is an integrated suite of analysis tools being offered over the cloud. Its key objective lies in the discovery of predictive integrated biomarkers (biomarkers of various categories) with increased prognostic and diagnostic aspects for personalized Healthcare Industry. Our customers are biology researchers working in academic, BioPharma and applied research laboratories.

THE PROBLEMThe most significant bottleneck in personalized medicine is the identification of accurate prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers which will enable physicians to diagnose a forthcoming disease and treat it appropriately before it affects the patient’s life. Modern approaches suggest the extraction of biomarkers and other valuable conclusions from experimental biological data utilizing bioinformatics methods and tools. However, this is not sufficiently handled by existing solutions.

InSyBio’s SOLUTIONInSyBio is targeting in uncovering heterogeneous disease-biomarkers including genes, proteins, protein complexes, SNPs and RNA molecules using a systemic approach. InSyBio has developed a highly innovative and integrated analysis environment, InSyBio Suite,with the appropriate bioinformatics tools to analyze molecular biology big data and extract significant knowledge from them. It is offered through a cloud user-friendly interface with an enhanced performance compared to existing solutions.

Live pitch presentation during the Finals & Awards Ceremony of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016

Labros Digonis, Co-founder & CEO of InSyBio Ltd., pitched live during the final judging round of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016.

Download InSyBio Ltd.’s presentation here

Contact details:

Christos Alexakos, COO


Konstantinos Theofilatos, Marketing & Sales Manager


Aigli Korfiati, Product Development & Support Manager


Christos Dimitrakopoulos, Research & Development Manager



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