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ISTMOS by ASN is a monitoring and alerting system that ensures the quality of bottled wine in the whole supply chain until it reaches the end consumer.  The rules, mainly for environmental parameters, are being provided by domain experts and are continuously refined by making use of big data analytics, sample checks and consumer feedback. ISTMOS protects brand reputation, provides reliable traceability and creates marketing advantage to its users.

THE PROBLEM: Our platform for wine quality monitoring has been motivated by our first customer, the Wine co-operative of NEMEA. A bottle based quality certification for wines is an important gap in the market and consists a significant challenge that can be tackled by ISTMOS. Improper wine storage and transport conditions may lead to: fluctuating taste between bottles of same wine label, returns of affected quality wines and negative reputation of producers and retailers.


ISTMOS platform monitors the conditions in all storage stages, i.e. Wineries, Distributors, Retailers e.g. liquor stores, super markets and restaurants. Alerting rules are a result of big data analysis in co-operation with the institute of oenology. For this, we employ monitoring stations (fixed for storage and mobile for transportation) and collect and analyse the information on a self developed FIWARE based platform. For different usages we provide desktop and mobile user interfaces.

Contact details:

Stamatis Poulimenos, CEO


Anastasios Oikonomidis, CTO


Website: www:


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