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Professional experience

AJ (Alfonso) Perez is the co-founder and CEO of NVBOTS, the manufacturer of the world’s first fully automated cloud connected 3D printer. AJ holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering ’13 and Masters of Engineering in Manufacturing ’14 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

AJ has developed and taught several classes during his career. Most recently, he co-developed the first graduate level 3D printing class for the department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In collaboration with Citizen Schools, AJ developed a team-based experiential 3D design and 3D printing class for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students. AJ was a teaching assistant for the MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership and an engineering design teaching assistant for the MITES program. Prior to NVBOTS, AJ worked as a strategy consultant in Boston and London.

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