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AJM Med-i-caps offers an easy, safe, small and large bowel screening method of high accuracy. The company has designed and manufactured a product that consists of a screening capsule and an administered diagnostic. Their combination can revolutionise the way men and women are screened for colorectal cancer and polyps.

The Problem: 

Bowel cancer screening has yet to become appealing for everyone that is at risk from this disease.  The biggest problem of bowel cancer is that patients are deterred by the current screening methods that results to less frequent tests. In addition to that current tests do not provide the required accuracy.

AJM Med-i-caps’s Solution:

Bowel cancer is a preventable disease if only it can be diagnosed early. AJMmed-i-caps introduces an easy and painless method for bowel screening using a fluorometric capsule. This ingestible capsule is combined with fluorescent diagnostics that label early stages of cancer. The capsule travels through the bowel the capsule detecting any highlighted lesion accurately. The test can be used routinely by groups at high risk to develop colorectal cancer.

Contact details

Julio Georgiou,  Founder

Email: julio@ucy.ac.cy

Website: www.ajmmedicaps.com

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