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Senior project coordinator Euro-excellence
Marine Management Excellence consultant and auditor
Senior assessor and trainer of the EFQM



Anthony is a graduate of the University of Thessaloniki and has attended post-graduate studies in Management (Troy state University),Management of Financial Companies (Life Office Management Association- Atlanta Georgia), and as Computer Analyst (Control Data).

Speaks English and Greek fluently as well as German, moderate French and a little Italian and Arabic. Has been trained in Benchmarking techniques (University of Thessaloniki) and management of international projects (Royal Aeronautical Academy London).

Past experience in brief

-Invited Lecturer management at post graduate dept University of Piraeus for Business Excellence, Invited Lecturer for the University of Zagreb / Croatia. Invited lecturer to the University of st Joseph Beirut Lebanon

-Marine assessor for Business Excellence and CSR. Designer of the EFQM Excellence Model Marine Framework officially approved by EFQM Brussels (

-Has supported Major Marine Management companies to be certified to the EFQM Excellence Model

-As an EU expert has supported or assessed for effective management over 250 Organizations in Europe, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan to obtain international Excellence Certifications

-An expert to design and apply 5S in Business (Services and Manufacturing). Has applied 5S to Stomana Bulgaria, Bosch Siemens Haugeraete home appliances, Siemens metering, Siemens Telecabling, Knauf Greece, the total Viohalko Group,

-Expert to the Russian Ministry of Industry for conformity assessment

-Senior assessor of the European Business Ethics (CSR) Network, president of assessors body. Member of the Cyprus EBEN annex (European Business Ethics Network)

-GRI-G4 sustainability reporting competent

-President of Advisory committee for LETRINA certification body

-Senior assessor. Accredited official trainer of the European Foundation for Quality Management for the EFQM Model.

-Official consulting partner for the University of Nicosia

-Senior partner of Euro Excellence consultants ( operating in Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon and Germany

-Senior expert who designed for the European Union and implemented the Lebanese Quality Management Model and Excellence Award in Beirut for 6 years, 2009-2015

-As an EU accredited expert has supported QUALEB the Lebanese Quality Organization in Beirut to become member of the EFQM and the European Organization for Quality

-Twice appointed expert by the Greek ministry of Development to design the Hellenic Excellence Award Scheme.

-Chief negotiator for international co-productions for Hellenic Aerospace Industries

-Expert in the application of Common Assessment Framework (CAF) appointed by the Greek government

-Preferred partner of the CYCERT (Cyprus Certification)

-Ex-president of the European Media Award committee of EFQM  for Greece

-Ex-Member and negotiator of the Greek- Yugoslav committee for Industrial collaboration

-Ex Director of major Financial- Insurance companies in Greece

-Ex Quality rep of the Hellenic Federation of Industries, VP of the Hellenic Institute of Financial Studies, BOD member at Intertime tourist operations.

-Awarded (by the Greek Parliament) writter of 2 books on Business Excellence used by Greek Universities

-Consultant of the year, in Greece 2001

-Speaker in International conferences (Cincinatti, Nicosia, Cannes, EFQM Torino, Economist Athens)

-Senior trainer for Hellenic Union of Insurance Companies

-Has designed two accredited National Greek standards on Tourism

-Trainer for (indicatively) Business Excellence, BBSC, Human Resources management, Performance measurement, 5S Ecology Safety and Production signalling, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental sensitization, Sustainability, KAIZEN –continuous improvement, TQM, Competence management, Benchmarking, Measurement and Target setting, etc

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