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Apicallity Ltd. have created a product that gives your plant a voice. PlantIT is an attractive smart sensor connected to the internet: it measures soil moisture, air temperature, humidity and light intensity. PlantIT is designed to help people grow their own vegetables, flowers and herbs, in any environment successfully. PlantIT measures and transmits the information to the cloud where, through special and unique AI algorithms, it translates the data into individualised advice that is sent real-time to the grower’s mobile phone.

THE PROBLEMInexperienced gardeners are overwhelmed by the range of knowledge they should have to grow healthy, attractive plants that are disease free and grow optimally. Online advice about growing plants and disease and pests is scattered and only available after in-depth searches, if at all. Valuable plants can die in a few hours, while the gardener is at work or on holiday, for example, if short of water or do not thrive if they receive too much water.

Apicallity Ltd’s SOLUTIONPlantIT App provides immediate tailor-made advice for growing any plant, vegetable or flower, depending on the geolocation of the garden. The App is easy to use and the instructions are simple, honest and easy-to-follow, even for the inexperienced gardener. PlantIT app measures critical variables in the plant environment and sends messages to the user when the situation becomes critical, when the soil is totally dry or over watered in the case of water supply.

Contact details

Michael Tsangidis, founder, CEO

E-mail: [email protected]

Ioannis Ypatidis, co-founder, CTO

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://plantit.co/

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