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Buildings represent 32% of total final energy consumption and 40% in most IEA countries. Even worse, automated buildings can not reach maximum potential on energy efficiency, because of inadequate system’s programming, that originates from lack of training technical education. Smart energy management and building automation is a big challenge that we would like to address through our training programs and through offering continuous internships in products. BAeTI‘s goal, to make our planet a better place for our children THROUGH energy efficiency.

THE PROBLEM: The problem BAeTI is trying to solve is the achievment of maximum energy efficiency and functionality with building automation standards. A client invest in system for his home or his building but many times is not satisfied because of inadequate functionality, and inadequate programming. On the other hand system integrator can’t find easy training except manufacturer’s training. But this training is too long, too expensive and hard to attend all days.

BAeTI’s SOLUTION: BAeTI creates e-learning training modules for the most of the products and a lot of e-learning modules of exercises and solutions for real applications for building automation and energy efficiency. Moreover BAeTI offers the possibility for internships through Ethernet from any location. And last but no least BAeTI will develop an applicaton for mobiles and tablets for end users for simulating the functionality and the energy efficiency report of the building.

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Christodoulos Spagakas

E-mail: christodoulos.spagakas@gmail.com

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