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Blueline is the easiest and most convenient way to receive primary healthcare. Call a healthcare professional of your choice, based on specialty, cost, rating and language spoken, at your place – home, office, hoteland the doctor will be at your door within 2 hours. Blueline tele-health services combine machine learning and Artificial Intelligencewith Doctors in order to provide better match making and online symptom checking services to the patient.


The problem we are solving is the one of primary healthcare services provision in mega-cities. Currently, such services are provided in notoriously inefficient ways, leaving most of patients unsatisfied, creating a terribly high cost burden to national and/or private health insurance systems and not allowing healthcare professionals to follow a more entrepreneurial career path.

Blueline’s SOLUTION:

We believe that Blueline will provide patients with better quality and more convenient primary healthcare services, healthcare services providers will remove a significant cost burden without compromises in their core-offerings and healthcare professionals will be offered the opportunity to follow a more entrepreneurial career path. The Blueline founders’ dream of bringing primary healthcare back to its natural place: Home.

Contact details:

Nikos Naoum, Co-founder & Head of Product, Blueline Ltd.


George Dimitriou, Co founder & CTO, Blueline Ltd




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