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CareAcross is a digital health startup focusing on cancer. Our mission is to support people affected by cancer through credible information, useful tools, psychological support & advice from experts. Our vision is to facilitate faster more effective oncology research, and medical interaction that will improve patients’ & caregivers’ quality of life. Our team has deep expertise in business, technology & oncology-and a strong drive to confront a disease that affects millions of people worldwide.

THE PROBLEM: Research shows that very little data is collected from patients’ experiences: only 4/10 appointments with oncologists lead to data recording; even less is actually used. Traditional data collection methods (e.g. in clinical trials) are slow and target rigid research hypotheses -particularly detrimental as R&D shifts towards targeted treatments. Moreover, 87% of clinical trials fail to recruit patients on time; every day a pharmaceutical company’s trial is delayed, it loses an estimated $8m.

CAREACROSS’s SOLUTION: CareAcross enables access to cancer patient data through indirect access to patients themselves: the platform allows members to interact in an anonymous, private & safe way. Data is collected throughout these interactions, as well as through specific structured questionnaires. This offers the industry deep longitudinal data without restricting it to a rigid research hypothesis. CareAcross enables companies to recruit patients to clinical trials online via our advanced trial search & matching engine.


Thanos Kosmidis, Co-founder

E-mail: [email protected]

Alex Giamas, Co-founder

E-mail: [email protected]


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