CityCrop Automated Indoor Farming

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CityCrop is a connected indoor garden that lets you grow pesticide-free vegetables, herbs and fruits in your own home. Through their mobile app you can decide what to grow and monitor your produce throughout, with their hydroponics method and microclimate allowing you to grow all year round.


Over the last 20 years, traditional agriculture has faced a number of significant challenges. Water and land supplies are shrinking while world population and food waste is on the rise. This means current practices used in large farms are no longer viable to continue their reign in the food production industry. Today’s urban farms are mainly built on hydroponics, which is expensive, complex, and not easily scalable, thus requiring lots of maintenance. This needs to change.

CityCrop’s SOLUTION:

The CityCrop device fits in most spaces and can grow plants more inexpensively than traditional agriculture while providing local, organic benefits. It allows growing locally using less energy and water supplies while producing better quality, affordable food. The fresh food grown with CityCrop, contains up to 600% more vitamins on average and does not contain pesticides, fungicides, or other poisons. The CityCrop device truly enables users to grow fresh clean food locally with minimal effort.

Contact details:

Christos Raftogiannis,  Co-Founder & CEO


Evriviadis Makridis, Co-Founder & COO




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