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CYCLEFI is a product-as-a-service that introduces a scalable, disruptive, environmentally conscious, and first-of-its-kind “GREEN” service, which transforms a previously disposable product (recycling bags) into selected discounts. In fact, Cyclefi offers an innovative end-to-end waste-tracking technology and a rewarding mechanism that interconnects recycling performance and selected discounts related with household’s expenses. Cyclefi improves recycling performance practices by building a unified city dashboard and monitoring citizens’ overall recycling performance patterns.


Everyone knows how important is recycling for our planet. However, reality is far away from what people usually picture about recycling. In fact, more than 70% of the counties all over world, recycle less than 10% of their waste. In fact, the majority of these countries landfilling more than 80% of their waste, although almost half of that waste, could be recycled. Current approaches use communication campaigns, which create a non-consistent positive spike in behavior change, but then stop.


Cyclefi is introducing an innovative business model, treating consumer engagement as the most critical component of its solution, creating a positive customer experience to maintain ongoing engagement, as greater engagement means better recycling performance. Cyclefi has a product as a service business model, in which provides access to our users to reap the benefits of its discounts. Cyclefi monitors citizens’ overall recycling performance and rewards them with appropriate monthly discounts.

Contact details:

George Stengos, Co-Founder &CEO
Akis Maroutas, Co-Founder & COO
Evi Freri, Co-Founder & CBO

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