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DeepMed IO is a Med-Tech startup with an initial focus in oncology. Our mission is to enable personalized medicine through AI, thus improving the patients’ quality of life and prolonging their survival. In collaboration with NHS-UK we are developing an AI system that will accurately detect metastatic regions on lymph-node images, ultimately enabling the pathologist to deliver more accurate diagnosis, faster.

The Problem: 

In a period when both cancer survival rates and incidence are increasing, cancer treatment standards in the UK are under continuous pressure to meet their goals due to three reasons: 1. Diagnostic Time bottleneck due to rising cancer incidence and traditional diagnostic methods, 2. Staffing Capacity due to low Pathology staffing annual increase 3. Diagnostic accuracy, as an estimated 15% of patients diagnosed as lymph node negative will be diagnosed with micrometastatic sites upon re-evaluation.

DeepMed’s Solution:

DeepMed IO is developing a Metastasis Detection Module to augment the pathologist in the metastasis detection process, decrease slide examination time and enable real-time collaboration between pathologists through Whole Slide Image sharing and an α-prototype of Whole Slide Image Scanner Mobile App. The main functionality of the app will be to digitize whole pathology slides for Pathology Labs that are not equipped with a Whole Slide scanner.

Contact details

Konstantinos Vougas,  Founder



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