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Partner, Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis LLC

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Professional experience

DIMITRIOS IOANNIDIS is a partner of the law firm of Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis LLC., and counsel to the Consulate General of Greece and the Consulate General of Mexico in Boston, Massachusetts. He practices primarily in the areas of international business transactions and civil litigation and has extensive due diligence experience representing large financial institutions. Worked on various high profile cases providing litigation intelligence gathering, corporate investigations, asset recovery, due diligence and global business intelligence through Boston, New York, London, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. He has worked on many cases as an expert witness and/or consultant and was a consultant to U.S. security firms on projects including the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and other security matters. He acted as an expert witness on several cases, including a case for the U.S. Attorney’s office and a large U.K. banking institution, the multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit In re: Visa Check/MasterMoney Antitrust Litigation, the case of Wallis ex rel. Wallis v. Princess Cruises, Inc., 306 F.3d 827 (9th Cir. 2002) and for the Adelphia Special Committee: SEC v. Adelphia Communications Corporation et al.

He represented the Greek Government, the Hellenic Navy, Harvard University, the University of Thrace in Greece, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Municipality of Skiathos and other multinational companies, including venture capital companies and hedge funds. He is the author of many articles on the Greek Tax Code and Investments in Greece and a regular Columnist of a Greek legal magazine, Sinigoros in Athens, Greece and recently published a book on the Greek, Jewish and Turkish lobby Groups in the US and how they affect US foreign policy. He lectures at the Aristotle University, Anatolia College, Deree College, University of Patra and was a member of a panel presentation on issues of international business transactions at B.U. School of Law.

He recently authored two articles on the Greek economic crisis and the need for regulation of financial institutions and on International Corporate Corruption along with a book on the Greek, Turkish and Israeli lobbies and how they affect US foreign policy. He is an arbitrator at many international moot court competitions, including the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and the Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot.

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