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Fish is expensive. Why? Fishing boats and aquaculture are the two means to get it. Aquaculture uses almost the same nets that fishing boats use, and there is no real progress in that area. We change that with DURASTEELNET, the world’s metallic net! It is truly flexible and has huge advantages over the common nylon and plastic nets. It lowers the costs
of aquaculture and fish becomes cheaper!

THE PROBLEMAlong with the progress of our civilization, the cost of producing food lowers. One food that is difficult to lower the cost of is fish! But if you don’t live on an island, it is expensive. We can go search for it in the sea, or trap it from its birth in a cage, in the sea. Both of them cost a lot. Using the first way, fishing boats, we have unpredictable results on the outcome. Using the second way, aquaculture, the maintenance costs increase the price of the final product.

DURASTEELNET’s SOLUTIONDURASTEELNET, is a metallic net to be used in fish cages instead of the common nylon and plastic materials. It doesn’t get torn and lasts more than 25 years, instead of 3-4 years. Its originality is that every joint of the net is 100% flexible! There is a link that enables the four adjacent connectors to bend freely. It’s advantages are huge, like nothing else in the market until now. It lowers the maintenance costs and fish will become cheaper.

Contact details:

Lefteris Sigalas, Co-founder

E-mail: sigalas@omniphos.gr 

Dimitris Stefanou, Co-founder

E-mail: stefanou_d@yahoo.com 

Panagiotis Mermigkas, Co-founder

E-mail: takmer@gmail.com

Website: www.durasteelnet.com

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