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Is your business sustainable? ECOverified utilises a unique application to map ECOlogical and ECOnomical businesses and individuals. Our doctorate-level scientific and engineering experts conduct auditing and consulting based on environmental, energy and quality criteria. Upon successful evaluation, companies achieve our trademarked Ecolabel and following user reviews become part of the ECOverified digital community and mobile application.

THE PROBLEMResearch has shown that the hospitality industry creates numerous problems from an ecological point of view while trying to meet holidaymaker’s needs. The excessive energy and sources used are usually not even noticed by the people who are enjoying their holiday while the majority of the people on Earth are unable to cover their needs and while the entire world is facing problems that relate to climate change. ECOverified project is based on a research conducted for the University of Wales.

ECOverified’s SOLUTIONA research was conducted for the University of Wales on over 1000 travel agencies in Greece regarding the environmental standards they need to comply with and the preferences of over 10000 guests. ECOverified gives the option to guests via an online platform where they can verify if they want certain services to be provided to them and when together with data about the environmental impact that their preferences have. Economy and ecology will solve the former’s and latter’s problems.

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Anastasia Hadjichristofi, Founder


Antonios Lygidakis, Founder


Vasilis Bizios, Founder


John Papathomopoulos, Founder


Argyropoulos Vasileios, Founder



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