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People and companies in urban areas face problems in their everyday transportation like traffic jams, lack of parking, stress etc. and feel dissatisfied with existing options. Elektronio Handcrafted Vehicles makes premium electric bicycles with special concept, smart commuting tools which can reduce all these problems. Elektronio Handcrafted Vehicles invites people to reimagine their vehicle, detects your desires and your needs, makes your ideal custom bicycle and brings happiness to people’s everyday routes.

THE PROBLEMOn the one hand, people in the cities face a wide range of problems in their everyday transportation, like traffic jams, stress, lack of parking, air pollution etc and usually feel dissatisfied with existing means of transport. In addition, when they choose a clean tech choice to commute, like the ordinary bicycle, they cannot make lots of kilometers, because they sweat and get tired. On the other hand, companies with delivery needs downtown have high maintenance costs and slow delivery times.

Elektronio Handcrafted Vehicles’s SOLUTION: The first model “Play” is an electric tilting tricycle with a comfortable leather seat and adaptable storage spaces. These features make it a smart commuting tool, an alternative way of delivery and an amusing tourist experience. So the bicycles cannot eliminate all these problems in urban environment but of course can reduce them. With “Play”, Elektronio Handcrafted Vehicles offers joy, comfort and relax to people”s everyday routes and all B2B clients save money and earn popularity and customers’ satisfaction.

Contact details:

Anna Chlioura, Co-Founder-Marketing Manager

E-mail: anna@elektroniowheels.com

Pantelis Zarkos, Founder-Creative Director

E-mail: pantelis@elektroniowheels.com

Website: www.elektroniowheels.com

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