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CEO & co-founder, Fasmatech Science & Technology SA

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Professional experience

Dr Emmanuel Raptakis is a co-founder of Fasmatech Science and Technology SA, a high technology hardware company based in Athens, Greece. He is also leading Ascend Diagnostics Limited, a Manchester, UK based company with the aim to apply mass spectrometric technology in Clinical Diagnostics. Dr Raptakis holds a BSc from the Department of Physics, University of Crete. His doctoral studies were completed at the University of Warwick in the UK. During his PhD, Dr Raptakis built several prototype mass spectrometers.

Dr Raptakis’ extensive industrial experience involved the design, construction and management of mass spectrometry products in a multinational mass spectrometry company (Kratos Analytical Ltd., Manchester, UK, a Shimadzu Group Company). Dr Raptakis was instrumental in the design of several mass spectrometer products with large sales in the global research market.

After completing an MBA at Manchester Business School (Executive Programme), Dr Raptakis was appointed Business Manager at Kratos Analytical MALDI mass spectrometry division, with the general supervision of all aspects of the business.

Under the leadership of Dr Raptakis, Kratos Analytical steered its business development efforts towards clinical diagnostics applications, implemented a strategy to improve the quality systems, development practices and overall organisation. The team’s effort culminated with the signing of a global distribution agreement with bioMerieux, a global market leader in microbial ID and clinical diagnostics to develop the VITEK MS product and market it globally. This successful new venture quadrupled the revenue of the division within 3 years.

Since 2010 Dr Raptakis co-founded Fasmatech, an Athens-based privately held company,  developing novel mass spectrometric technology; Fasmatech has a strong R&D element and sells unique devices to the high-end custom research market, with a medium-term view towards product development and clinical diagnostics. Fasmatech has built a valuable IP portfolio as well as hardware and software to realise complex devices with high analytical capabilities. In the last few years, Dr Raptakis led the expansion of Fasmatech to the UK and founded Ascend Diagnostics Limited, a new privately financed venture based in Manchester, UK, to accelerate the introduction of mass spectrometric technology in clinical diagnostics. The two companies collaborate closely with each other, significantly increasing their aggregate value.

Dr Raptakis holds several international patents and patent applications.


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