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Entranet has designed and developed the easiest smart home system ever. The easiest to install, to use, to configure & update. The design is based on the interaction simplicity in everyday use of technology. Entranet’s mission is to make every house in the world smart.


The home automation market today is quite small compared to the IoT market. And this is due to problems that the users are experiencing with smart home systems today, such as the high cost, the complicated and messy installation, the technology fragmentation, the difficult way to use and configure the system and so many more. Also the users think that smart home devices do not apply to real everyday needs.

Despite these problems the home automation market has an AGR of 30.3% and Entranet’s goal is to get a part of that.

Entranet’s SOLUTION:

The answer to this problem is a system so smart but so easy to use at the same time, either the user can see, walk or is familiar with technology in general. This is the housemate smart home package. A complete, inexpensive, almost plug-and-play smart home system in a box that can be installed in a couple of hours and then the user simply talks to his house and his commands are executed. A system that can be controlled from a distance and also provides all smart home system features plus any kind of information (like the weather, news, calendar events etc.), voice activated alarm, wake up call, music, a camera for real time interaction and so many more.

Contact details:

Lefteris Papageorgiou, CEO, Entranet Inc.

E-mail: LP@entranetinc.com

Alexandros Psychogios, Director, Entranet Inc.

Email: psychogios@entranet.gr

Website: http://entranetinc.com/

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