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eNVy softworks offers content creation services to corporations and institutions for educational or marketing purposes, in the form of video games and interactive media applications. We utilize innovative technologies like VR, AR and eye-tracking to deliver high quality products for all major platforms. Our focus lies in empowering corporations by implementing ed-tech applications of serious games and gamification in corporate training.

The Problem: 

Companies spend large amounts of money and time to properly train their employees. Unfortunately, most forms of corporate training have been proven ineffective since they focus on theoretical knowledge instead of real life experience. This results in companies spending a lot with little to no return. We are here to change that.

eNVy softwork’s Solution:

eNVy softworks offers customized software creation services in the form of video games and interactive media applications that aim to deliver effective training solutions for corporations. By utilizing innovative technologies like virtual and augmented reality we change the way that training works by creating more immersive and intuitive methods that are also faster, cost effective and offer quantifiable results through detailed analytics.

Contact details

Vassilios Karavasilis,  Founder

Email: cyane.spark@gmail.com

Website: www.envysoftworks.com

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