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ErgoSensePro is based on a breakthrough theory in sports biomechanics which for the first time makes possible the objective evaluation of training programs and athletes involved in strength or power based activities. Training programs for a variety of sports can now be quantitatively evaluated and adjusted dynamically for a specific athlete. ErgoSensePro bridges the gap between the current paradigm of empirical-based training and athletic outcomes with a science-based software platform.

THE PROBLEMThere are a number of problems that ErgoSensePro is tackling: a) Development of training programs, b) Evaluation and comparison of a strength or power athletes, and c) Evaluation of progression of an athlete undergoing training. The current approaches to solve the above problems are empirical in nature and based on simple heuristics. They possess limited applicability, they are inaccurate, and biased by the experience and beliefs of the coach.

ErgoSensePro’s SOLUTIONThe key breakthrough is the development of a unique theory of strength training. Based on the theory that any athlete can be qualified in terms of six measurable parameters from which hundreds of objective dimensionless metrics can be extracted for a given training protocol. This provides an objective basis for comparison between different training approaches and athletes. ErgoSensePro bridges the gap between training variables and long-term outcomes.

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Aleck H Alexopoulos, Founder


Debbie Tsolerides, Co-founder



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