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Ancient Greece: Crowd resorted to Delphi to receive the godsend and doubtless oracle from Pithia. New Era Worldwide: Engineers rely on “PITHIA” for shaping the future

THE PROBLEMNowadays, engineers solve industrial problems using software packages mainly based on Finite Element Method (FEM). However, FEM faces serious difficulties in solving effectively multi-cracking fracture mechanics problems as well as large-scale problems dealing with infinite/semi-infinite domains, such as outdoor & underwater acoustics (e.g. infrasound, noise pollution), soil mechanics (e.g. earthquake waves, foundations, vibration isolation), radiation and scattering (e.g. radar, antennas), etc.

PITHIA’s SOLUTION: PITHIA is an in-house developed simulation software package based on accelerated Boundary Element Method (BEM). It is well known in the scientific community that BEM is ideal for providing accurate and reliable solutions to the aforementioned engineering problems. PITHIA fills the gap among existing software packages and reinforces the simulation toolbox of engineers and scientists.

Contact details:

Sotiris Kokkinos, Co-founder/CEO

E-mail: sotiris.kokkinos@feacomp.com

Charilaos Kokkinos, Co-founder/CTO

E-mail: charialos.kokkinos@feacomp.com

Konstantinos Loukas

E-mail: konstantinos.loukas@feacomp.com

Konstantinos Grivas

E-mail: konstantinos.grivas@feacomp.com

Website: www.feacomp.com

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