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1st runner up of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2017 & winner of INTRASOFT International’s award

Exclusivi offers hotels intelligence for driving guest spending and interfaces that are easy, engaging & fun. Exclusivi consolidates content & APIs from Hotels, Destination Management Companies & local vendors, providing a seamless guest experience. Our integrations, CRM & Analytics offer unparalleled insights, while our mobile & TV apps, smart WiFi portal and marketing automation enable hoteliers to act on these insights, at scale.


During stay, hotels are BLIND & cannot influence action. Shopping, Dining, Activities & Tours are still sold offline and hotels rarely capture part of the revenue. In parallel for Destination Management Companies, hotels’ #1 customers, excursions are the #1 profit driver. Moreover the growth of the all-inclusive model, largely leaves local businesses out. As a result we see overlapping efforts & data silos, while today’s guests ask for simple, curated & personalized experiences.

Exclusivi’s SOLUTION: 

Exclusivi offers hotels a managed service to cross-sell, at scale & in ways that are easy & engaging. With powerful integrations & content partnerships, Exclusivi enhances critical business relationships with Destination Management Companies and curates local marketplaces. To drive conversions, we analyze demographics & in-app behavior at our network level; and deliver automated targeted notifications during stay on mobile, TV apps & WiFi portal; offering true value & amazing experiences to guests.

Live pitch presentation during the Finals & Awards Ceremony of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2017

Babis Kourtzis, CEO at Exclusivi Ltd.


Contact details:

Babis Kourtzis, CEO
Email: bk@exclusivi.com

Aris Filokostas, Senior Developer
Email: aris@exclusivi.com

Website: http://exclusivi.com/hotels/

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