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FixGuard solves the timeless problem Shipowners & Brokers face when they close a deal with unknown Charterers.It is a web information platform that allows Shipowners and Brokers to search & view the cross-checked Charterers’ background and fixture list.Our innovative method makes the procedure faster & safer, enabling Shipowners & Brokers to make instant & informed decisions on a click of a button, while Charterers can showcase their credibility. Our vision is transparency in the shipping industry.


The obsolete procedure shipowners follow to check charterers background & past performance prior fixing. Shipowners/brokers have no time to run a proper check and do it manually every time. They risk to fix with fraudster charterers which leads to huge losses of time & money. Charterers who perform well cannot showcase their credibility. They remain with less available vessels to fix, thus paying higher rates.

FixGuard’s SOLUTION: 

An always up-to-date web platform containing Charterers’ backgrounds & fixture lists collected and cross checked in advance as per the customary shipping professionals procedure. Shipowners search, view all info and make quick and safe decisions minimising their risks, while charterers easily showcase their credibility to the market. All this on a click of a button.

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Dionysis Asimakopoulos, Founder


Konstantinos Asimakopoulos, Co-founder



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