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Despite the increasing interest of Socially Responsible Companies (SRCs) to raise funds for Causes, they mostly use traditional methods of moderate effectiveness and transparency. The Help and Win mechanism supports SRCs to implement high impact campaigns for Causes’ fundraising, through mobile technology. With this mechanism and using their retail networks, SRCs conduct Contests for their customers. The participants help Causes and have the chance to win prizes instantly. All parties win.



During the last few years, Socially Responsible Companies (SRCs) generously invest money and effort to support Causes. Generally, they use traditional methods of moderate effectiveness and transparency to attract donations from their customers, e.g. Charity events, donation boxes, donation coupons, special purpose products. As a result, SRCs do not sufficiently utilize their retail networks to leverage the intrinsic human predisposition to help those in need.



The Help & Win mechanism using smartphone technology supports Socially Responsible Companies (SRCs) to raise funds for Causes and instantly reward the participants: Customers buy a specially designed convenience product at a reasonable price from the SRC’s network. Part of this price (at least 1/3) goes to a specific Cause. The SRC motivates its customers through a Help & Win Instant Drawing Contest. Using a QR code, customers check if they have won a gift through any mobile device or pc.



Fotis Ilioudis, Team Leader

E-mail: [email protected]

Georgios Megas, Product Development, Marketing & Sales

E-mail: [email protected]



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