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Feb 1 • 25 SEMIFINALISTS • 2306 Views • Comments Off on Hotelsonspot: Internet & web (1) is the first online marketplace exchange platform that facilitates real time negotiation for hotel room reservations.  It allows for the actual depiction of demand and supply bringing sellers and buyers to negotiate and transact side by side, on a rate matrix, for the optimum rates.  Hotelsonspot’s platform eliminates mark-ups and high commission fees dictated by market intermediates providing a truly transparent and self-regulated market environment for the hospitality sector.


Hotel room reservations market is characterized as static in terms of pricing as well as isolated supply only side. Current hotel room pricing is mainly based on historical data, experience and future contract agreements providing a data rich but insight poor decision making environment. The price sensitivity of the market cannot adjust as fast as the demand evolution, thus not aligned with market trends. Furthermore, few intermediates dominate the market dictating large mark-ups & commissions.

HotelsonSpot’s SOLUTION:

Hotelsonspot is a marketplace exchange for hotel room reservations where buyers & sellers are negotiating real time side by side. Through the platform the market becomes self-regulated as prices & inventory can be constantly adjusted as demand evolves. Furthermore, compared to other reservation platforms, hotelsonspot’s dynamic pricing model allows buyers compete each other and the seller can shop the buyer anygiven time.

Contact details:

Serviou Lefteris, Co-founder


Costas Garipis, Co- founder


Stavros Sarinas, Co- founder


Nikos Mpallas, co- founder



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