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Our methodology based on innovative softwares, implements the science of risk management in insurance sector. We diagnose, prioritize & quantify insurable risks by measuring hazards with factors based on ISO 31000. In order to overcome negative brain mechanisms concerning consultancy of future risks, we used neurological studies via gamification methodology and fear tolerance profiling.

Our final goal is a scientifically risk aware society and entrepreneurship.

In this way, we reengineer, reform & rebrand the insurance industry by being game changer in a complex with emerging risks period for humanity.

The Problem: 

In Greece citizen and entrepreneurs lack of risk awareness. Also we lack as market a scientific methodology and software for insurable risk management .Also the human brain has some Mechanism called “The optimistic bias” and make people more optimistic and to avoid considering future risks and an neurobiology status that is difficult to bypass and change the opinion on one matter with strong beliefs.

IFA Academy’s Solution:

We invented a software and methodology that makes scientific insurable risk assessment. Also we used some neurobiological studies to bypass some brain functions. We implemented the gamification method “fear profiling and fear tolerance methodology” to help them not freeze in front of the consultancy of future risks. So if we bypass the prejudices and defenses of the mind and with a scientific risk diagnosis and reporting he can see the whole picture clearly and make right decisions

Contact details

Panagiotis Leledakis,  Founder

Email: pan@ifaacademy.eu

Website: ifaacademy.eu

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