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Ingredio is a free mobile app, which informs the consumer on the potential hazards of chemical ingredients in food and cosmetics products, simply by taking a picture of the ingredients! The information is based on peer-reviewed studies mentioned by the European Commission or the National Institutes of Health, USA. The app works on Android phones and can be used worldwide for ingredients in English and French.

Our app is aimed at informing the growing share of consumers who want to know what is contained in the products they use and embrace healthy eating and cosmetics without toxic chemicals.

The Problem: 

Consumers are increasingly worried about hazards in chemical ingredients in products we use daily. Currently there is no easy way that consumers can be informed about potential risks of product ingredients, because chemical names are too complex or they are encoded (e.g. E302). Although access to this information is publicly available, its retrieval for consumers is challenging due to the complexity of the sources, and its comprehension is prohibitive due to the technicality of the description.

Ingredio’s Solution:

Ingredio offers a unique solution to consumers who want to know what is contained in the products they use. Ingredio also works with companies who want to provide greener products to consumers. Our mobile app informs users in seconds whether the ingredients of a cosmetic/food product are potentially unsafe according to chemical databases of the EU & NIH with a single camera snapshot. Our technology can be used worldwide for chemical ingredients listed in English & French.

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