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Innate Repair has intellectual property on novel cancer therapeutics with a starting focus on aggressive brain tumors. The therapeutics kill the cells that evade current therapies and cause recurrence. Our therapeutics include novel treatments and already FDA-approved drugs to be repurposed, meaning they can move to the clinic fast. We seek to further de-risk our therapeutics, license them out, and focus on the next generation of Innate Repair treatments.

The Problem: 

Many cancer deaths result from recurrence (inevitable in glioblastoma). Most chemo drugs cost >100K Euro/yr, have severe side effects, but extend life by months at best. They kill the majority of cancer cells, so they shrink

the tumor, but are ineffective against Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs), that are then able to regenerate the tumor. CSCs are resistant to current therapeutics due to their peculiar biology. Resulting recurrence & metastasis often lead to death.

Innate Repair’s Solution:

We have novel, patented/patent-pending tools to attack CSCs (incl. FDA-approved drugs for repurposing), based on our own discovery of a new molecular mechanism that controls CSCs. Proof-of-concept: (a) We can kill cells from multiple patients in vitro, (b) Some of the drugs we identified are known to inadvertently increase survival.

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Andreas Antroutsellis-Theotokis,  Founder



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