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JoinCargo is an online transport platform connecting businesses with cargo carriers. The transport platform is based on the same principle as which displays available seats on flights from a variety of airlines. The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) enter a transport request for a certain route on the JoinCargo site and instantly all available transport options will pop up, prices and services can be compared and transport can be booked.

THE PROBLEM: There is a huge problem in the transport market, a lot of trucks in Europe are driving empty and especially on national level, where ¼ of trucks is driving empty. That’s because the transport market is very fragmented and analog, which makes it an incredible painful process to connect companies with truck drivers.

JoinCargo’s SOLUTION: In order to increase the productivity of transport partnerships, operational transport planning between SMEs is required, JoinCargo provides a unique tool: The truck driver defines the availability of his truck and this data will be kept in a database. Following, the company that wants to ship cargo, enters his transport request on the platform and directly the available transport options will pop up. On the platform prices and services can be compared and a truck can be booked.

Live pitch presentation during the Finals & Awards Ceremony of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2015

Roxane Koutsolouka, Founder

Download JoinCargo’s presentation here


Roxane Koutsolouka, Founder – JoinCargo




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