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Global Business Development

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Professional experience

George Lakis brings a career-long trajectory of delivering leading-edge multimedia solutions to the healthcare and education ecosystems of South Florida, and projecting from South Florida into many global markets. Combining artistic, technological and business talents and skills, he has led projects, established revenue-generating businesses, and pioneered multiple industry milestones applying media and technology to patient, staff, community, medical education initiatives, distance learning, telemedicine and medical documentation. Common threads in this wide range of achievements can be found in their refined aesthetic, engineering-like precision and use of technology, and a business sense of economic contribution and value.

Born and raised in Greece, George moved to Miami in 1978 and completed his studies at Florida International University, while pioneering that university’s media and technology academic programs. Armed with a unique combination of artistic talent, technology orientation, and business acumen, Mr. Lakis moved into the workforce in 1986, joining South Miami Hospital. Here, he led many successful initiatives that put that hospital on the medical technology media map. Subsequent to the South Miami Hospital acquisition by the Baptist Health system in 1994, George assumed corporate-wide responsibilities for media and technology programs in Baptist’s local and international programs. At Baptist, George has grown with, and fueled, that system’s rapid expansion and development into a medical multimedia powerhouse in South Florida and internationally.

During his career, Mr. Lakis has demonstrated an insatiable appetite for challenges on many levels, maintaining a broad range of professional and civic activities. In addition to his primary professional activities, George is proactive in community educational organizations, has continued exercising his passion for photography, and actively participates in the management of his family-based real estate interests.

Since late 2011, Mr. Lakis initiated a transition from Baptist Health (where he continues to provide advisory services), to new professional challenges, and is currently evaluating a number of projects and opportunities to leverage his experience and energy with a focus on continuing to be a catalyst for technology and media/based progress in communicating complex content clearly, aesthetically, convincingly and profitably.


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