Kostas Kampakis

Managing Director, ForestView


Kostas Kampakis has a long career in Marketing and Communications, spending most of that time on the advertiser side. He’s handled quite diverse brands over the years, ranging from FMCGs, like Evian Waters or Kettle Chips, technology & entertainment through his tenure as the CMO of Nintendo in Greece and B2B cosmetics. In 2016 he joined ForestView, a digital first, full service Marketing agency, part of the Think Digital Group of companies. Being on the agency side, he has worked with an even wider range of brands and companies across a multitude of industries, from local or international mega-brands to startups and everything in between.

Beyond his role as Managing Director of ForestView, he’s quite active as a public speaker in marketing conferences, runs workshops or participates in judging committees for digital marketing awards. His goal is to enable the democratization of digital advertising and marketing, helping level the field for all companies and brands, regardless of country of origin, commercial size or internal infrastructure.