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liateR uses advanced gesture control and augmented reality technologies in order to create an environment where consumers can digitally try on and buy clothing in a variety of contexts and locations. From the comfort of their living room to the front of the shopping window at their favorite store, consumers can have a unique shopping experience In liateR, they believe that the future of shopping is a combination of digital and physical experiences; their mission is to make it happen using really cool technologies.



The biggest collateral damage that retail faced while moving from small retail stores to big retail chains is the lack of a shopping experience that is personal for the consumer and scalable for the retailer. From one side consumers still visit physical stores for more than just transactions but they don’t receive the services they are looking for and from the other side we have retailers who witness their overall conversion rates to drop on a daily basis.


liaterR’s SOLUTION:

liateR provides retailers and brands with interactive tools and analytics that can be used both inside and outside the store. The company creates products that enable retailers and brands to set up digital catalogs, virtual fitting rooms, and offline-social media connectivity. On the analytics side, liateR’s software automatically collects data across a variety of shopper’s points including age, gender, item preferences, interactions, and mood, which it analyzes for the merchants.



Antoni Argyros, Team Leader


Marianna Vakalopoulou, Sales and marketing





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