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LilTECH is a startup company that operates in the field of innovative wearable technologies. Through our vision, we want to take wearables to the next level, in which they act as dynamic input devices for Augmented Reality or other technologies. That’s why we have created LilyWatch. A smartwatch that converts any surface into a touchpad to control other devices.


Our everyday lives are being dominated by smart devices. Using our computers, phones, tablets or even low tech devices like TVs, kitchens and light bulbs is now a part of our daily routine . Also, Augmented Reality is heading its way in through the next years and will change our perception about digital versus physical world. All these devices need to have one smart and dynamic user input technology to withstand their complicate needs and differences.


Here in LilTECH we have created LilyWatch, a smartwatch which is also a wearable touch surface. LilyWatch can convert any surface into a touch pad which can then interact with other devices (Augmented Reality, Mobile, PC, and more) through Bluetooth 4.0. So, you can use LilyWatch, and its innovative technology, to control other devices easily through your fingers, or use it as a portable touch surface for Augmented Reality and interactive drawings.

Contact details:

Karapatis Dimitris, Founder & CEO


Saroykos Nikos, Co-Founder & COO




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