Manos Vrontis

General Manager at BrainUp

Workshop "The Art of Negotiation - How to Negotiate with the Devil and still Win"


Manos Vrontis has worked in multinational and greek companies such as Unilever, Sara Lee, BIC, LG, OPAP and Boutari Wineries in the positions of General Manager, Commercial Director and Sales Director. He has also been appointed as an expatriate Sales Director Asia in charge of 12 countries as well as Managing Director for Singapore and Malaysia.

He holds and MBA from Monash University and currently is a PhD candidate under the University of Bolton. Manos is an active consultant and certified trainer in the areas of Business Strategy, Sales Management, Negotiation and Change Management and has implemented programs in Greece and abroad in customers like Novartis, Amgen, Coca Cola, Metlife, JTI, Accenture, Servier, Boehringer Ingelheim, Perrigo, Groupama, Pressious and others. Currently, Manos is General Manager at BrainUP Business Consultants.

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