Maria Georgiou

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Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Services, EY

Maria Georgiou


►Maria Georgiou is a Senior Manager within EY’s Transaction Advisory Services division that offers professional services to the private and public sectors in the areas of Project Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatizations, Valuations, and Business Planning . She has more than 12 years of experience overall in the Financial Services sector.

►Maria has previously worked  in the Banking sector in London, UK where she obtained a 5 – year experience in Investment Banking projects for public and private institutions in Southeast Europe and the Middle East.


►Maria  has worked for  Royal Bank  of Scotland , in the  Financial Markets  division  and  prior to that, she  worked for several years  in ABN AMRO Bank NV, London, in the Capital Markets  and in the Financial Markets departments.

►She has excellent  understanding of funding solutions and of various  financial  instruments, plain  as well as complex ones.

►Maria holds a Masters Degree in Financial Management  from Rotterdam  School of Management, Erasmus  University and a  Bachelor in  Banking and Finance from the University of Piraeus.

Professional experience

►Participation in the AQR 2015 exercise of the significant Greek banks on behalf of ECB / Bank of Greece; Led the Piraeus bank credit file review team for the Residential asset class

►Participation in the AQR exercise of the significant Greek banks on behalf of ECB / Bank of Greece;  Project Management Support between Greek banks, Audit firms and Bank of Greece.

►Blackrock: Provided support to the client on the  review of the loan portfolios for the major Greek banks;

►Large international asset management firm : Quality assessment of loan portfolio and business plan review of New Proton Bank as part of its privatization on behalf of a foreign asset management firm;

►HFSF: Due diligence and independent review of Eurobank and its major subsidiaries on behalf of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund as part of its recapitalisation process;

►Assisted the Cypriot cooperative banks for the preparations and submission of their restructuring plan under EU State aid rules;

►Confidential:  Provided support to the regulator for the asset quality review of a major state owned Greek bank;

►Confidential:  Provided support to a major Greek bank for the strategic plan  submission to the regulator;

►Blackrock: Provided support to the client on the  review of the loan portfolios for the major

►Financial Advisor to Nutriart S.A. for Debt Restructuring (Greece- 120 million);

►Provided financing and risk management solutions to institutional clients through funding and debt management  ideas. (Previous Employer);

►Responsible for  offering  integrated financial solutions to banks, asset managers,  pension funds,  family offices and  insurance companies. (Previous Employer);

►Initiated financial product development in the regions  of Cyprus and Middle East, where broader scope of  services were necessary after the change in the regulatory framework (Previous Employer);

►Advised  clients  on debt restructuring and balance sheet optimization (Previous Employer);

►Thoroughly analyzed economic and financial market conditions in order to obtain best strategic  decision for the client’s benefit (Previous Employer);

►Managed and executed  debt  issuance  from banks in Greece , Austria  and Germany, involving all levels of bond seniority  as well as different bond structures (Previous Employer).

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