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Entrepreneurship Advocate


Professional experience

MR. Meshari Al Rajah spent more than decade of entrepreneurship advocate in Saudi Arabia, He granted prove record of accomplishment in entrepreneurship Ecosystem by training, advising, mentoring and judge.

Mr. Alrajah earn an MBA Minor in strategic management and entrepreneurship, and he hold various area of expertise in Project management, entrepreneurship lecturing, business development and Marketing. During his journey of entrepreneurship development he assigned as Head of business development committee in entrepreneurship association in Saudi Arabia, moreover he has been certify instructor for Entrepreneurship international license from ILFEN network, and he is member of innovation and entrepreneurship in ministry of higher education and member of WEF world entrepreneurship forum. Mr. Alrajah mentoring several entrepreneur projects and startup trough NGO such as the centennial fund in Saudi Arabia as well as Chamber of Commerce as volunteering activity.

Mr. Alrajah spread entrepreneurship sprit by organizing and participating in Seminar, workshops, forum, and conference trough delivering speech, training, and columnist in entrepreneurship issue in local newspapers and international specialized magazine. Mr. Alrajah assigned in advisory board in entrepreneurship KSA edition Magazine. In addition, he join MITEF Saudi Arabia competition as Judge for this year.

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