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Mist.io makes cloud management simple and helps cloud computing users free themselves from vendor and complexity lock-in. It offers provisioning, orchestration monitoring and automation for servers across clouds. It emits actionable alerts so users can address operational issues from anywhere, using any web device. It is a freemium service with an open source software component that aims to become the defacto standard on multi-cloud management and a broker of cloud computing services.

THE PROBLEM: The modern computing landscape includes public clouds, private clouds, containers and bare metal servers. All these are combined in hybrid setups and although the management needs are common there are different toolsets for each one. This adds a lot of complexity and management overhead. Users have to either adopt one vendor and lock themselves in or stick to complexity and slow down infrastructure operations. No solution is adequate.

Mist.io’s SOLUTION: Mist.io provides a unified management interface that supports the most popular public and private clouds. It monitors system metrics of your machines as well as custom, application specific metrics. If anything goes wrong it will notify those responsible and they will be able to fix most issues directly from their smartphones or tablets. It offers a RESTful API, a CLI and Ansible integration. Taking advantage of these you can script your entire setup and easily replicate it on any provider.

Live pitch presentation during the Finals & Awards Ceremony of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2015

Dimitris Moraitis, Co-founder & CTO

Download mist.io’s presentation here

Chris Psaltis, Co-founder & CEO


Dimitris Moraitis, Co-founcer & CTO

E-mail: dimo@mist.io

Website: https://mist.io


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