MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016: The Winners!

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On Thursday, June 30th, Finals & Awards Ceremony was held at NCSR “Demokritos”, as a pre-forum event for the 4th Hellenic Forum for Science Technology and Innovation, and the MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016 concluded with the selection of the 3 winners: 1st Prize – Yodiwo, 2nd Prize – InSyBio Ltd. and 3rd Prize – Sentio Solutions. ​​​

We strongly believe that young tech talent and tech startup companies can make a difference in the country’s economic growth by implementing their ideas and fulfilling their dreams. During the competition all participants had a unique opportunity to improve their business skills, gain hands-on knowledge and valuable input, build their team, network in Greece and abroad and develop partnerships that will prove crucial to their subsequent development process and while working in a creative environment.


The team of Yodiwo and Marina Hatsopoulos, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor.

The team of InSyBio Ltd. and Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Chairman of MIT Enterprise Forum Greece.​

The team of Sentio Solutions Inc. and Katerina Saridaki, Executive Director of MIT Enterprise Forum Greece.


The judging committee for the Finals & Awards Ceremony: (left to right): Elias Papatheodorou, CEO, Genkyotex S.A., Charalambos Pandis, Co-founder & Partner, Bluehouse, Marina Hatsopoulos, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Antonis Kondis, Founder, Icarus Sailing Media, Maria Hala, Business Angel & Entrepreneurship Consultant, Angelos Angelou, Founder & Principal Executive Officer, Angelou Economics, Evi Andrianou, Partner, Rea Capital Advisors, and Marco Veremis, CEO & Co-founder, Upstream.

The competition’s winner, Yodiwo, is an IoT Application Development and Deployment Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider. With a disruptive technology for connecting distributed systems through artificial intelligence services, the platform is used for creating applications in less than 10% of the time compared with other methodologies. Especially in verticals such as supply chain management for retail and wholesale, services based on Yodiwo’s platform have a profound impact in process reliability and resource saving which in some cases exceeds 70%.

The 1st runner up is InSyBio Ltd., a bioinformatics pioneer company in personalized healthcare which focuses on the analysis of complex life-science and biological data. InSyBio Suite is an integrated suite of analysis tools being offered over the cloud. Its key objective lies in the discovery of predictive integrated biomarkers (biomarkers of various categories) with increased prognostic and diagnostic aspects for personalized Healthcare Industry. InSyBio’s customers are biology researchers working in academic, BioPharma and applied research laboratories.

The 2nd runner up is Feel (Sentio Solutions Inc.), the first smart wristband that recognizes and tracks human emotions to help people achieve their well-being goals. Four integrated sensors on the wristband measure and track bio-signals from users throughout the day, while on the background, the team’s proprietary algorithms classify those bio-signals into emotions. At the same time, the mobile application visualizes the results and provides actionable personalized recommendations that help people achieve their wellbeing goals.​​

Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Chairman of MITEF Greece, stressed that in Greece significant opportunities can be created as “Greeks are natural-born entrepreneurs. We have strong scientific research output, we are historically resourceful, we have strong problem solving and analytical skill-sets and of course strong engineering & scientific background”. Furthermore, our invited speakers Dr. Dan Marom, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Researcher, Dan Marom & Co. LTD, and co-author of “The Crowdfunding Revolution”, Marco Veremis, CEO and Co-founder of Upstream, and Evangelos Pappas, Founder, Member of the Scientific Board at RTsafe and winner of last year’s competition, discussed the challenges that innovative technology creates.

We want to specially thank the 90 judges, 55 mentors and 20 coaches that through their support made this competition possible. We continue our efforts ​with all of you on our side as a community growing stronger every day.

We wish the best of luck to all the teams that participated to this year’s competition.

Never stop believing, stop thinking about quitting, you can do this and we are on your side to succeed!



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