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Hotels invest in ads & marketing for getting direct traffic to their website but they can’t convert this traffic. Hotel website visit the website and then go back to online travel websites such as to book. Offerial helps hotels increase direct bookings and margins by serving personalized marketing directly on the hotel’s website and converting the traffic they already get on their websites.



For every booking happening on online travel agencies like, hotels lose up to 25% in commissions. So hotels wish to get direct bookings from their websites which don’t have such commissions and by that result in higher revenue margins. Most hotels get enough traffic on their website by people searching for a hotel but they can’t convert this for a multitude of marketing reasons, so we offer a product for enabling hotels to convert the traffic they receive into direct bookings.


Offerial’s SOLUTION:

Offerial analyzes hotel website visitor behaviors & we create user profiles on a daily basis. A hotel may have 30, 100 or more user profiles. Offerial attaches to every profile, a set of marketing parameters that succeed in converting visitors who belong to this profile. So every visitor is matched to a profile & sees personalized marketing messages on a banner that we add in the hotel website. This way Offerial drives each visitor though the funnel in order to result to a direct booking.



Akis Laopodis, Co-founder

Angeliki Papagiannopoulou, Co-founder

E-mail: [email protected]





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