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We learn best through failure. Games make learning effective, efficient and fun. Serious games have as their primary purpose the learning aspect other than the pure entertainment and can be applied to industries such as Maritime, Healthcare, Services and Tech. Pegneon introduced the idea of Serious Gaming in Greece 3 years ago and to this day we have worked with  several international companies, leaders in their market.

The Problem: 

Training can maximise employee potential and increase profits. Fast paced environment, strict deadlines and other stressful conditions disengage employees . Seminars, training material and online tutorials are among the choices broadly used. 4 main problems though are not easily tackled: How to reduce training costs, how to minimise the time spent during training, how to reduce costs, how to minimise the time spent, how to engage learners, how to monitor progress.

Pegneon’s Solution:

Using serious games for corporate training is one of the most innovative learning methods. Pegneon is the first and only company in Greece, introducing serious games for corporate training. The games we develop are highly cost effective (can be used several times, no need for physical presence of trainer, etc), time efficient (20-30 mins per learning goal), fun and engaging (action based video games), featuring a fully detailed tailored made reporting system, meeting our clients’ needs.

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