2021 MITEF Greece Startup Competition


Marefind, www.marefind.com , is an online platform with the purpose of ‘Online Job Placement’ and Networking’ in the Shipping and Yachting Sector. Its unique dual nature connects all types of Sea-professionals (service-providers) to Shipping/ Yachting Companies (service-users), including Yacht owners, more precisely, it connects:

-Those looking to find a job in Shipping/ Yachting, with

-Those looking to hire a Sea-Professional either on board or for office-based positions.

Our categories are:

Merchant Shipping Vessels, Passenger Ships, Yachts, Shipping Offices

The aim of the platform, www.marefind.com, is to create an easily accessible, worldwide Sea-Professional hub, where the two sides, can get directly in contact with each other.