Industry: Biotechnology & Medicine

Founding year: 2019

MITEF Startup competition 2020

We have developed a technology enabling the production of enormous combinatorial libraries of small, drug-like cyclic peptides (hundreds of millions) and their ultrahigh-throughput screening for the identification of putative drugs that prevent pathogenic protein misfolding. We have already screened and are in the process of preclinically developing hit molecules for Alzheimer’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The top performing lead molecules will be licensed to Pharma.

The Team

Georgios Skretas

Team Leader, Research Associate Professor

T: +30 6942797394

Athina Ikonomidou

Business Development

T: +30 6974346376

Dafni Delivoria

Chief Scientist, Researcher

T: +30 6937699149