25 Semifinalists announced for 2017

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MIT Enterprise Forum Greece is proud to announce the 24 Semifinalists selected to advance to the next round of the MITEF Greece Startup Competition. Participating companies/teams spanned a diverse range of disciplines: 6 startups in Internet & Web, 1 in Biotechnology & Medicine, 1 in Nanotechnology, 9 in Software, 1 in Transportation, 2 in Computer & Electronics Hardware, and 4 in Other Industries. We are excited with not just the promise of these exciting new technologies, but also the passion of the Greek entrepreneurs who are participating in our competition.

We are looking forward to great things from the 25 startups (in alphabetical order): 10Muse, Active Social Networking (ASN), Blueline, CityCrop Automated Indoor Farming, Cube RM, Cyclefi, Datalization, Entranet, Exclusivi Ltd., FixGuard, Fresh Strips B.V., HotelsonspotLilTECH, Metis Seagrass, OpenIchnos, QBRIQ, Save Bees, SentiGeek, SportsElectroceuticals, Spotawheel, Tesibit, 3asyR Ltd., TOORISTAS, and Wifins.

Semifinalists are now starting a 3 month period of intensive mentoring, with their assigned local and international mentors, and workshops, that will further their startup goals, such as: Perfect Pitch, Legal Matters, Marketing, Communication, Growth Strategies & Finance, Negotiation skills, and Human Resources, by MITEF Greece’s local and international strategic  partners. Moreover, the content of this year’s program, has been enriched with learning material from entrepreneurship programs conducted at MIT and will be supported and facilitated locally by EY.

During this period participants will have a unique opportunity to improve their business skills, gain hands-on knowledge and valuable input, as well as network in Greece and abroad.

The Finals and Awards Ceremony will take place on the 6th of July, 2017.

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